Jual Sexy Zone - Trust Me Trust You

Sexy Zone - Trust Me Trust You

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Release Date: 7 September, 2022

Sexy Zone to release the 22nd single including "Trust Me, Trust You.", which is the theme song for TV drama "Tomodachi Game R4" starring Fuma Kikuchi. The song was written by singer-songwriter Dai Hirai for Sexy Zone. This single also includes "Sleepless," the opening theme song for TV drama "Akai Nurse Call" starring Shori Sato. Type A comes with a DVD including the music video of "Trust Me, Trust You" and making-of. Playlist card with serial code ("Trust Me, Trust You.") enclosed in each package will allow you to enjoy the song on the music player function in the "SZ10TH App". The songs included in the product you purchased can be played (excluding instrumental track).